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MOOF clothing; Quality and attention to detail

We are a men's clothing brand from the Czech Republic with lots of beautiful women customers. Since 2013, the main point of our collections have been classic urban designs. Both the material and style are perfected to the last detail, as is required by our customers for every day wear. The clothing collections are proudly accompanied by handmade leather accessories, durable pieces with a modern concept reflecting the craftsmanship of our colleagues.


All of our products are made exclusively in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Each phase of the production is fully under our control. The materials used in our clothing and accessories are the result of a long process of selecting and testing. Finding partners across both states has resulted in a team of craftsmen, seamstresses, tailors, designers, artists and other professionals who approach their work with great passion and confidence in the final product. These people serve as proof that there are still workshops, family businesses and individuals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia who quite like us emphasize quality, durability, and processing. Still, it is personal contact and trust between people who secure the production of our goods which is of most importance. Thanks to this model of transparency we are – unlike many others – able to fully guarantee the working conditions to be humane and most importantly friendly so that you can wear MOOF with a clear conscience.


The city is a phenomenon and an organism we are all responsible for. We think that in order for us to function in symbiosis with it, we have an obligation to strive to improve it. An aware approach to fashion is one of the ways to change something. Thanks to a dynamic combination of art, design and craft, we are able to create minimalist fashion with a minimal footprint. Not closing our eyes to the social problems, we stand behind the notion that using the right steps in the production and distribution can help weaker. MOOF is proof that for high quality fashion, you do not have to sacrifice anything.